Watch out for 2021, because here we come! Clubber Shopaholic is back!

Top-up/Recharge 2,203 rubies on PLAYMALL and get this awesome INDEFINITE White Peacock Wings!

Event Duration: January 14,2021 11:00 PM to January 18,2021 11:00 PM

Simply Top Up and convert ruby via PlayMall (

Tier 1 Recharge 529 Rubies – can purchase 5x and get the bonus 5x.
20 pcs Jewel Ticket
20 Pcs Instant Finish Ticket
7 Days of White Peacock Wings!

Tier 2 Recharge 1080 Rubies – can purchase 3x and get the bonus 3x.
10 Pcs Magic Card
30 Pcs Jewel Ticket
30Pcs Instant FInish TIcket
30 Days of White Peacock Wings!

Tier 3 Recharge 2,203 Rubies – can purchase 3x and get the bonus 3x.
20 Pcs Magic Card
40 Pcs Jewel Ticket
40Pcs Instant Finish Ticket
Permanent White Peacock Wings!

The player can only purchase the other tier for the bonus
When purchasing Tier 1-3 you will receive Permanent White Peacock Wings (Durational White Peacock Wings will be voided but in exchange, you will receive the Permanent Wings)
When purchasing Tier 1-2 you will receive the White Peacock Wings for 37 Days
The x3 promo is for BONUS only not the Durational wings.
Keep in mind that Playmall top up only to qualify

Take care and dance responsibly! 💃🕺