It’s a lucky day! ☘️ Will you be a lucky Clubber today? Join us in-game to find out!~

✨HOW TO JOIN: ♡ GM/CM will announce when the room is about to open.

♡ Players will try to score the most 7’s. The ideal number is 777,777.

♡ Random mode and songs will be chosen by GM/CM.

👉🏼Example: If 2nd placer scored 377,059 while the 5th placer scored 277,775, the 5th placer wins given the mulitple 7’s in the acquired score.



1. Participants will receive x2 Exp. (1 for each account).

2. Players who will score 777,777 will be gifted 1 Indef item (1 time per account).

3. If players get the same amount of 7’s, the higher score will win.

4. Players can only win once throughout the event.

5. Disconnected players will be disqualified for that round.

6. Winners CANNOT give away their rewards.

7. Total of 10 Rounds (6 participants) = 10 Winners

🎁PRIZE: 7 Days Costume Ticket


CAM and join the party!💃🕺





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