Heya, Clubbers!

Meow Meow the season of the heart is within us!

Top up and convert certain amounts of rubies on PlayMall to receive the awesome Ferocious Bat Wings~

Duration of the event: February 16, 2023 12:00 AM to February 19, 2023 11:59 PM


PlayMall Wings of Love

Simply top up your account and convert your ruby through PlayMall

Recharge 2,203 Rubies you will receive:

  • Permanent Ferocious Bat Wings~




Apple ID Users only!

Recharge 1,999 Rubies

  • Recharge 1,999 Rubies you will receive:

    • Permanent Ferocious Bat Wings~

Apple ID users: AppleID Wings Of Love

Note: For Apple ID Users only!

1. Only players who fill in this form with their top-up details will be counted for the promo.
2. Apple ID users must submit their purchase receipt with transaction # .
3. If you are an Apple device user and your ID is Facebook, Google or Play ID then you are not eligible for the promo. To qualify, you need to top-up and convert via PlayMall.

(Kung isa kang user ng Apple device at ang iyong ID ay Facebook, Google o Play ID, hindi ka kwalipikado sa event na ito. Para maging kwalipikado, kinakailangan na ikaw ay mag Top Up at mag-convert gamit ang PlayMall)

This option is for Apple ID users / Apple Login users only!
(Ang pagpipiliang ito ay para sa mga gumagamit ng Apple ID or mga gumagamit ng Apple Login lamang!)

The items purchased and rewards received by the players who will refund their purchase will be removed on their accounts and their accounts will also be suspended for 7 days.

Please provide your Telegram for purchase, additional info needed and do not change your Nickname during event duration until rewards insertions.

The x5/x3 promotion is only for the bonus consumable items and does not apply to the durational or permanent items.
Insertion: 7 – 14 working days after event duration.
Apple users should submit the receipt with transaction #

Let’s CAM and See you in-game! 💃🕺