Hello, Clubbers! See if you can answer our today’s trivia! Come and join us in game and get our brains working!~

Event Date and Time: July 23,2020 6:00 P.M – 7:00 P.M

Players who are willing to join must go to the lobby.
2 GM/CM will create a locked room. A trivia will be announced and the answer to the trivia will be the answer to the locked room.
3. From there, the GM/CM will then ask another question. The answer to that question will be the key to entering the room from the lobby.

REMINDER: You can only win once per event.

7 Days Face Ticket



1. Players can only join once in the duration of the event.
2. Vulgarities will not be tolerated and any player caught violating this rule will be kicked out from the room. They will not be allowed to participate again in this event.
3. Players who use offensive, sexual, abusive representations, etc. will result in their disqualification. Disciplinary measures will also be enforced in accordance to our User Abuse Policy.
4. All decisions made by the overseeing GM or event facilitators are final. Any disputes that may arise will cause the player to forfeit his or her prize.
5. If one participant gets disconnected, he or she will be eliminated. This will make him or her lose his or her chance in winning the prize.
6. Disconnected or Lag participants are not allowed to return to the dance floor. Battle will still proceed.
7. Using a 3rd party program will result in the disqualification of the player and will also result in the suspension of his or her own account.

CAM and join the party!💃🕺

Good luck!

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