Heyya Clubbers!


Match your perfect moves with the perfect tunes. Join Auditune: Song Making contest! The Audition FAM is on the search for the next chart-topping music to rule our dancefloor. Could this be you?

Auditune will make you into the star you are. Relish a cash prize pool of Php 50,000 and Ingame items on top of it. Best of all, the winning song will have its own music video produced. Join your friends, listen and dance to your winning song as it plays in both Audition Next Level and Club Audition Mobile with its own signature ingame dance moves.


General Mechanics and Guidelines


  1. Open to all aspiring songwriters and artists (both PlayPark gamers and non-Player are welcome to join)
  2. The content of the song should be about the game (Audition Next Level, Club Audition Mobile or both) or feature the game in the composed song.
  3. The song must be originally composed and fully owned by the artist
  4. The song entry must not have been used in any previous competition, commissioned by a third party, or have been commercially released
  5. Use of vulgar, inappropriate or offensive words are strictly prohibited
  6. The submitted song must be complete (with vocals, instruments)
  7. The song should be Taglish or English
  8. The song duration should be within 1:30-2 minutes
  9. Deadline of submission is on November 30, 2021
  10. Entries will be submitted to a dedicated email address for this event with the mp3 file format of the song 
  11. Submitted entries shall be considered as final and can no longer be modified or altered
  12. The winners will be announced on Dec. 18, 2021 during the CAM and ANL segment of the PPXP 2021 Livestream
  13. By joining this competition: Auditune, the participants agree to give PlayPark and its affiliates full rights to the participating and the winning songs. These entries may be used by PlayPark and its affiliates in marketing campaigns, promotions and as they see fit.



  1. Champion: 30,000PHP + ingame items + Special in game dance step choreography for the song
  2. Runner ups (2 entries): 10,000PHP + ingame items each


Judging & Criteria

  1. All entries will be judged by the Audition team along with guest judges that will be announced at a later date.
  2. Final Judging will be made after the deadline of the submission of all entries.
  3. The decision of the judges is final.
  4. The following criteria will be used in judging:
    1. Composition (catchy melody, lively music, rhythm)   –          50%
    2. Lyric content (originality, clarity of message, language)  –    15%
    3. Creativity (use of song structure, instruments and vocals) – 15%
    4. Relevance to the theme         –  20%




Submission Format


To join Auditune, send your song to the email address (submissions.auditune@gmail.com) and follow the submission format below:

  1. E-mail Subject line: Auditune: Song Writing Contest Submission
  2. In the Body of your e-mail, put the following information
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Audi/CAM IGN
    3. Facebook Account Link
    4. Full title of the song submitted
    5. Inspiration or Description of the song
  3. Attachment: MP3 file of your written song submission.

The Auditune submission of entries is open from November 6 until November 30, 2021 only.