[Events] CAMtour 16th Audiversary Celebration

Nov 9, 2022 | PH ONLY, Press Release


We’re going to have a tour to celebrate Audition Next Level’s 16th AUDIversary Sweet Sixteen celebration! 🥳 and first stop, DAVAO! 😍

Save the date Davaoeños! November 12, 2022, y’all must be there to win exciting prizes! ~ 🤩

See you Clubbers at OB Gaming, Alyvea Building, Guerrero St,. Sta. Ana, Davao City😍

What to Bring to the CAMtour Davao?
  1. 100 PHP Topup and Convert on the Event Day 
  2. Vaccination Card – showing your completed vaccination. A booster shot is not required to party.
  3. Face Mask – Wear it at all times. Wearing a Face Shield is up to you.
  4. Alcohol or Sanitizer – Bring your personal stock of sanitation tools. There will be sanitation areas at the venue for your added safety.




III. Newbie/Returnee Freebie Package

IV. Online Roulette


1st 50 Attendees who will go to the CAMtour Davao will get exclusive early bird gift via Voucher Code!

  • Indefinite Sinister Regent Style
  • Indefinite Purple Solitude
  • Indefinite VJ Faith Sweet Bong
  • 365 Days HipHop Bear Pet
  • 365 Days Sailor Cool Dj



All Clubbers are welcome! You will all receive a CAMtour Davao exclusive door gift via Voucher Code!

  • ✨ Newbie and Returnee
    – Indefinite Athletic Couple Set
    – Indefinite VJ Faith Sweet Bong
    – 365 Days HipHop Bear Pet
    – 365 Days Sailor Cool DJ

III. Newbie / Returnee Package

All newly registered and returnee clubbers in Davao will be eligible for a Newbie / Returnee Package.

✨ Door Prize (All Attendees)
– Newbie/Returnee Set
– Indefinite VJ Faith Sweet Bong
– 365 Days HipHop Bear Pet
– 365 Days Sailor Cool DJ


Online Roulette (Davao Clubbers only)

It’s time to look for your fortune! Get a FREE Spin for every 102 Rubies Top-up and Convert (PlayMall) or 99 Ruby Purchase via Apple AppStore/Google PlayStore and spin to get rewarded! Test your luck and win terrific prizes with a simple roll of the wheel


  • Top-up or purchase rubies via PlayMall (102 Rubies), Apple Appstore, or Google Playstore (99 Rubies) and go to the on-ground event area and get free 1 Spin to get amazing rewards!
  • For every Top-up and Convert or Ruby purchase = 1 Spin
  • Players can Top-Up convert or ruby purchase before the event starts.
  • Top-Up convert or Ruby Purchase should be made at least 6:00 am until the event duration.

COVID Precautions

  1. Safe distancing & temperature taking will be conducted before the event. Players who are not feeling well will not be allowed to compete in this tournament. Players should adhere to the 1-meter safe distancing measures and not interact with one another physically.
  2. The overall scope of this event will be conducted online via Audition Next Level Official Facebook Page.
  3. The areas which the players use will be disinfected thoroughly before the next person uses them.
  4. Safe Distancing Ambassador will be deployed, and group size should not exceed 8 people.

     Happy Dancing FAMKada!


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