[Notice] Account Deletion Feature

Aug 17, 2022 | Press Release

Heya Clubbers!

In order to respect personal privacy and cooperate with the latest privacy policy of the Google App Store and Apple Store, account deletion function will be added on the game on version 14800.

If you want to delete your game account, follow the steps below.

Click here for: [Tagalog version]

⚠️ Note: After this [Delete Account] function is used, we can no longer restore the deleted accounts.


❌Step 1 – Click settings in the upper right corner of the game.

❌Step 2 – After opening the Settings, you can find the ‘Delete Account’ button in the bottom middle as shown below.

❌Step 3 – After clicking the ‘Delete Account’ button,  a notice will show to verify if you would really want to delete the account. If your decision is final, click OK. After clicking OK, a prompt that the account will be deleted after 7 Days.

❌Step 4 – After clicking OK again, type “Please reconsider one more time” then click OK again to submit your account deletion request.

❌Step 5 – After submitting your account deletion request, a notice of your account deletion request will show and the account will automatically be deleted after 7 days.

✔ Tip: During the account deletion waiting period, you can cancel the deletion by logging in to the account by clicking “OK” on the notice of the cancellation of the character deletion.

✨ Precautions

  1. After deleting your account, the game data (characters, famous products, dance coins…) etc.) and account data (game account number, applicant data… etc.) will also be deleted and no data will be kept or restored on our end. Completely deleted accounts cannot be restored by any means.
  2. After the account deletion is confirmed, you can log in to the game within 7 days to cancel the account deletion.
  3. The actual function is mainly based on the game content, and the right of final interpretation is reserved for willing dissemination.


Take care and dance responsibly! ??


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