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Meet our CAM Star of the Month of June, Plume!

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Please Introduce yourself 

Hi CAMmunity! My name is Tristan but you call me Tris. I’m working as a Cloud Consultant for 5 years now. I started playing CAM after CBT and found my first and last couple during season 1. You can recognize me in my old and current IGN, Weiss, and Plume. I’ve been in the rankings since seasons 1 – 4 and always in the top 10 (couple category). So outside the world of CAM, I’m a fur-parent of 5 dogs. I know it’s too many but who can resist their enchanting smile!


Where did you know CAM? 


I used to play Audition in my high school days. If I remember correctly, it was e-games and level-up games that handled it. I saw an advertisement about CAM on Facebook during the first lockdown in Manila due to the pandemic.


What do you like in CAM?


I love that we have a mobile version now which is more convenient. Also, the interface is very catchy to the eyes of every players. They even expand the community which we have the opportunity to make some friends with other Southeast Asia countries like Singapore and Malaysia.


Which game mode do you usually play? 


The game mode that I usually play is couple dance because my couple and I got the first gladiol and magnolia ring in PH. We also inspire and encourage players that they can reach their couple goals too in CAM.


Tell us your likes and dislikes.

I like to eat healthy foods because of their good benefits of it. I also love animals and have a soft spot for them. In terms of dislike, I think not being treated right in person or in-game because every person or player deserves to be respected and have unconditional love in life.

Are you Single?


Where can we follow you?

Feel free to add me on Facebook (Tristan Morales) or in CAM (Plume). I will try to give you some slot in my friend list for the master story! (▱˘◡˘▱)っ ♡


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