Heya  Clubbers!


🌈 Sign up system 🌈 A new system that will allow members of various levels to enjoy playing privileges.! ※※※※※

🌺 Privilege Players can view their membership benefits by visiting the Membership menu in the Package category.

Did you know?

[Premium Store]  Membership tickets are divided into four classes (PREMIUM, PICK UP, STORY, FAM)

1. Displays the remaining expiration dates of the current [Membership Ticket].
2. Displays the [Membership Ticket] class successfully purchased by the player.
3. Display the remaining number of [Membership Coupons], click the amount to select the purchase.
4. Display the class of the Membership Ticket and the applicable exclusive offers.
5. Click to confirm the exclusive benefits applicable to each class of [Membership Coupon].

🌺 Exclusive privileges of Premium members. Premium Members can get sets and vehicles with special effects for 30 days in addition to Ruby and Daily Discounts.


[Additional Supplements]
1. Membership Voucher Automatically reset the “Expiration Date” and “Remaining Quantity” at 00:00 on the 1st of each month.

  1. Lucky Chests Increased and Magic Card AcquisitionChance Increased of Membership Ticket can be obtained in conjunction with the occasional chance doubling activity. Example: When the [Magic Card: Mount] doubling event is increased by 100%, players holding the [Membership Certificate] PREMIUM class can stack up and get another 30% chance. Example: When the Lucky Chest: Gems doubling event is increased by 20%, players holding the [Membership Ticket] PREMIUM class can stack up by 25% or 15% more chance.
  2. Membership TicketThe “Price” will change daily, and the “Expiration Date”, “Remaining Quantity” and “Price” will be based on the in-game activity window. Example: If you purchase the [Membership Voucher] on May 1, the offer expires on June 1; If you purchase the Membership Voucher on May 15, the offer expires on June 1 and the purchase price will automatically change according to the expiration date.
  3. Membership TicketPREMIUM class-exclusive fashion and mount, the holding period is “30 days” from the date of purchase.
  1. Membership Voucher is divided into four stages (PREMIUM, PICK UP, STORY, and FAM); each player can only purchase one stage at a time, and no other stages can be replaced after purchase.
  2. Membership Tickets A coupon limit is determined primarily by the in-game activity window and the official query results.
  3. Membership Voucher – After purchase, there is no refund, replacement, or resale, so please confirm before purchasing.
  4. The Official reserves the right to modify, change, suspend or terminate the contents of this campaign at any time, and the announcement shall prevail. If there are other outstanding matters, Siyi is willing to disseminate the relevant regulations or explanations.
  5. The actual function is primarily based on game content, with the final interpretation reserved for willing dissemination.
  6. Suppose the personal network becomes unstable, resulting in disconnection, connection failure, and so on. In that case, the activity will proceed as usual with no compensation.