Game Discounts: Rhythm Amplified Packages

Aug 31, 2023 | Promotions


In case you haven’t heard yet, we turned up the volume on discounts and deals like never before in-game! Get your Rubies, Dens, Energy, Rare items and Luxury Tickets for a limited time! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶


Duration: August 23, 2023 – September 3, 2023



🎁 Amplified Package Deal:
Ruby x800
💎 Bonus Ruby x500
💎 DEN x1,000,000
💎 Jewelry Ticket Random Box x1



🎁 Audition Master Jump Up!
Ruby x1,500
💎 DEN x150,000
💎 Energy x500
💎 Luxurious Jewelry Box x50
💎 Mystical Box Ticket x50
💎 Audition Master Jump Ticket x1



🎁 Clubber Ruby Package!
💎 Ruby x12,000
💎 Bonus Ruby x2,500
💎 Crown Ticket x100
💎 Jewelry Ticket x200
💎 Pet Training Ticket x100
💎 Audition Master Jump Ticket x1



🎁 Hola Clubbers!
💎 Ruby x250
💎 Bonus Ruby x100
💎 DEN x500,000
💎 Jewel Ticket x1

💎 Ruby x500
💎 Bonus Ruby x100
💎 DEN x1,000,000
💎 Jewel Ticket x2

💎 Ruby x1,000
💎 Bonus Ruby x500
💎 DEN x3,000,000
💎 Jewel Ticket x1



🎁 VJ Ringo Mega Deal!
💎 Ruby x4,999
💎 DEN x2,000,000
💎 Energy Drink x3,500
💎 Magic Card Ticket x10
💎 Jewelry Box Ticket x7
💎 All Point Package 1jam x1


Hurry up and check this out in-game! 📱



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