On-Ground Event: CAM THREEndy Party!

Jul 31, 2023 | Events


It’s party time, Clubbers! ( ノ ^o^)ノ


You’re invited to the most anticipated gaming celebration of the year – CAM THREEndy Party! We are thrilled to announce that we will be we’ll be celebrating three great years of gaming excellence and unforgettable moments.


Event Details:
Date: August 6, 2023 (Sunday)
Venue: SM North Edsa at The CyberZone


What to Bring to the CAM THREEndy Party?

1. Face Mask – Wear it at all times. Wearing a Face Shield is up to you.
2. Alcohol or Sanitizer – Bring your personal stock of sanitation tools. There will be sanitation areas at the venue for your added safety.
3. Take a screenshot of your PlayMall account showing your Top Up history and at least ₱65.00 topped up on the day of the event – August 6, 2023 – in your account. Present this at the Registration booth to enter. Claim your Early Bird or Door Prize if you arrive in time.


Early Bird and Door Prize:


  • Early Bird

For the first 100 clubber only!


  • Door Prize


Event Activities:

  • CAMpions Tournament


Mechanics: Player with the most “Perfect” achieved wins.

Number of rounds: Best of 1
Mode: Classic
Music is Random 100-120 bpm
Dancer Level: OFF
Key: 2 Key Hard
Map: Random

Number of rounds: 5 rounds
Mode: Classic
Music is Random 120-140 bpm
Dancer Level: OFF
Key: 4 Key Hard
Map: Random

Note: In case of a tie, winner will be based on the player who has a higher score.

Champion: ₱5,000
1st Runner up: ₱3,500
2nd Runner up: ₱1,500


Register here.


  • B-Boy Dance Craze


Register here.


  • FAM Rally


  • Syrinx’s Eating Challenge


  • Best CAMniversary OOTD


✨ Attend CAM THREEndy Party in your Best OOTD!
✨ Take a selfie at our booth and Post it on Facebook (must be public.)
✨ Tag our page and use the hashtag: #CAMniversaryOOTD


Join us for a day of thrilling entertainment, fantastic company, challenging tournaments, and many more! It is your unwavering support and enthusiasm that have made this milestone possible, and we can’t wait to share this special occasion with you. (灬♥ω♥灬)


Roulette Event


Stand a chance to win INSANE rewards for your character by spinning either the STANDARD Roulette or the INSANE Roulette for every top-up/conversion of 204 rubies (PlayMall) or 198 rubies (directly in game).


Mechanics & Rules:

  1. To be eligible for 1 spin on either the STANDARD Roulette or the INSANE Roulette, players using Apple ID as their login method are required to top-up Rubies in game directly (198 Rubies/spin). Packages are not included. All other players are required to top-up & convert via PlayMall (https://playmall.playpark.com/) to be eligible (204 Rubies/spin). Please refer to the mechanics table below.
  2. Purchase/Conversion can be done during the event or at home (from 12:00AM onwards on the event day). Proof of purchase or conversion must be provided. (e.g., PlayMall Top-up History, Apple Receipts)
  3. You can purchase/convert Rubies at a higher amount (e.g., 9,999 Rubies in game or 11,329 Rubies via PlayMall)and spin the Roulette multiple times. For example, 9,999 / 198 = 50 Spins (Direct in Game) or 11,329 / 204 = 55 Spins (via PlayMall).
  4. Simply choose a Roulette of your choice (STANDARD or INSANE), ensure that an Event Marshal is present to witness the spin, then spin the Roulette. You can decide to split the spins to both STANDARD and INSANE roulette respectively.




Roulette Mechanics
Login Method Roulette Spin Eligibility
Apple ID In-Game Top-up (198 rubies/spin)
Google, PlayID, Facebook PlayMall Top-up (204 rubies/spin)


 STANDARD Roulette Rewards Tier
Random Items! higher Jewel Ticket waiting for you!


INSANE Roulette Rewards Tier
Roulette Spin Judgement CAM Rewards Percentage
Miss Oops… You missed! 60%
Perfect Yellow Spanners x 200

Crown Tickets x 60

Ring Enhancement Protection Tickets x 60

Jewelry Lucky Box x 50

Perfect x1  

Crown Ticket x 120

Jewelry Lucky Box x 130

Mystical Box Tickets x 120


Happy Dancing Clubbers!


Join our Official Groups
PH Group: https://bit.ly/CAMOfficialGroups
SG/MY Group: https://bit.ly/SGMYOfficialGroups

Download us at:
Google PlayStore: https://bit.ly/CAMPlaystore
Apple AppStore: https://bit.ly/CAMAppleApstore

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