Club Audition M Coexistence Policy

 Effective as of March 15, 2022 12:00 GMT+8.

Inclined with particular PlayPark policies as provided on the company’s website and sub-sites, there are certain penalties amongst the violators of the company’s Code of Conduct. It is also the responsibility of all customers to be aware of PlayPark’s policies, violations, and penalties as agreed upon in the PlayPark End User License Agreement. However, claims of ignorance of such information shall not be excused. Listed below are the general penalties maintained by PlayPark as a company.


There are also game-specific account penalties, which you can find by checking the appropriate links at the bottom part of this page. In most cases, game-specific account penalties will take priority over our general company account penalties. However, please remember that depending on the nature of each violation, either company or game-specific penalties may apply, the final decision rests on the sole discretion of PlayPark Inc.


Please read through the listed violations carefully. For any questions or concerns, please contact PlayPark SEA E-Support Customer Support.


Club Audition M Violation and Penalties: (CAM Rules)

Important Reminders regarding Violations and Penalties:

  1.     All listed penalties presented are arranged into fair standards depending on the general nature of each offense but are still subjected to any necessary adjustment as deemed by the sole discretion of PlayPark.
  2.     All violations are validated through the actual observation of Club Audition M Staffs and PlayPark Employees. PlayPark and the game itself has no obligation of presenting evidence related to any cases it has ruled upon.
  3.     All penalties listed above can be issued on a per-instance basis, resulting in an accumulation of 1st offense penalties or an automatic 3rd offense penalty, depending on the number of violations committed. The choice of recourse in such cases is entirely at the discretion of PlayPark.



Club Audition M – Official List

Game Master

  • GM Enzo
  • GM Ka-el
  • GM Ghost

Community Manager (CM)

  • CM Syrinx
  • CM Mist

In-game VJ’s

  • VJ ToFu
  • VJ Chloee
  • VJ Resent

CAM Moderators

  • Mod Edy
  • Mod Ether
  • Mod Elsa
  • Mod Garu
  • Mod Emrys
  • Mod Kofi
  • Mod Sushi
  • Mod Swish
  • Mod Judas
  • Mod Ends


 Club Audition M List of Official Staff

Club Audition M operates in the Philippines and Singapore. As such, the Club Audition M official staff list is composed of professionals and experts servicing the countries of operation, each with their own specialty and duties.

Game Masters known to the community as  VJs, along with the Community Manager or CM, are PlayPark employees responsible for ensuring a healthy game and gaming environment for Club Audition M. 

Game Moderators are community representatives committed to helping and guiding players to experience the game at its full potential.

All of the members of Club Audition M’s official staff exhaust every effort to bring prompt service to the gamers and to improve the quality of the game and its enjoyment.


What Club Audition M Staffs can do for its players:

  • Represent the game, PlayPark, and their interests to the gamers on official social media channels, inside the game, and offline executions
  • Oversee any and all activities such as events or quests conducted in-game
  • Execute game and company decisions, and implement any penalty needed to violators of the Game Policy and Rules of Conduct and to any threat to the gaming environment depending on the severity of the violation.

What VJs and CMs cannot do for players of Club Audition M:

  • Abuse their position as official staff such as providing biased decisions, giving favors in any form in-game or otherwise, and the like
  • Cannot and will not participate in any FAM or CLUB in an official capacity. They cannot and will not “tank” or provide “buffs” to players outside of official events and promotions.
  • Cannot and will not give and/or trade players items or cash unless part of an event or promotion.
  • Will not give special treatment to any player or specific group of players. Official Club Audition M staff are to be impartial, unbiased, and objective within the scope of their responsibilities and judgment. 


Rules of Conduct

The following rules govern basic interaction within the Club Audition M game and the Club Audition M social media and groups. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in the termination of your Club Audition M game account according to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

This policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices or relevant laws. We will indicate at the top of this policy when this policy was last updated. Please review this policy every time you access or use the services to make sure that you have reviewed the most recent version.



General misconduct pertains to any or all of the following: Cursing, Swearing, or use of Lewd Language, Perjury, Reporting False Incidents, Flooding, Harassment, Misbehaviour, Circulating False Information, Misuse of Social Media, groups, and forums, Illegal Trading or Cash Transactions and Inappropriate Advertising.



General fraud pertains to any or all of the following: Impersonating a Club Audition M official staff such as Game Moderator, VJ, Community Manager or PlayPark Inc. Personnel, attempting to deceive a Club Audition M official staff, attempting to deceive any PlayPark Inc. Personnel, Attempt to Defraud, Use or Distribution of Third-party programs, Hack/Hacking Programs and/or Programs designed to attack a player or the game, Deliberate Abuse of Game Bugs, Dummy Exploits, and/or Game Exploits, Account Theft or Hacking.

Violation of any or all of the General Misconduct and/or General Fraud listed will be subject to the appropriate penalty as deemed by Club Audition M or PlayPark. A Permanent Ban may be imposed as punishment.

* Permanent Ban – A Player may be Account/IP Address/Computer/Mobile Devices banned from PlayPark and Club Audition M if repeated offence on other accounts.

PlayPark and/or Club Audition M Staffs shall reserve the right to suspend, ban, and/or punish a player or FAM/Club without prior notice for any violation as they deem necessary.


Violations List 

  1. Hacking/Client/Files/APK/OBB Modification
  • These pertain to ILLEGAL PROGRAMS/APPLICATIONS, MODIFIED APK, AND MODDED OBB files, which are not part of the game client but used and are seen as a form of abuse and a violation. These may be standalone programs or plug-ins which may be downloaded from other sites. These kinds of programs alter fair gameplay, game points (DEN, FAM Points, and Couple Points/Hearts), etc.
  • Always REMEMBER that these programs are not made, not affiliated, and are not being distributed by the game developer, or any PlayPark or Club Audition M staff. Bear in mind that there are NO LEGAL MODIFIED GAME CLIENTS, THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARES, or PROGRAMS for Club Audition M. The only LEGAL programs are the GAME CLIENT itself and its HACK PROTECTION SOFTWARE. Any action to modify, to tamper with, or to violate the game client, the hack protection software, and/or any property belonging to Club Audition M, PlayPark, and the partner game developer will result in serious penalties to the involved parties. Considered violations includes but are not limited to injection hacking tools, memory modification, plugins, macro, and auto clicker tools. These actions will be punished to the full extent of Club Audition M and PlayPark policies, and the governing rule of law.

  1. Bug and Dummy Exploitation
  • Detailed below are forms of bug and dummy exploitation considered as a violation of Game Policies.
  • Camp Battle dummy exploitation is considered a violation of Game Policies FAM Master will be ban.

  • Abuse of bugs or flaws to gain an unfair advantage over other users.

Promoting the use of game glitches in-game and Usage of a dummy in Camp Battle are considered violations. Players must report game bugs/glitches/exploits to the Club Audition M Staffs as soon as they are discovered. The unintentional usage of bugs and the subsequent failure to report may incur the player a penalty.

  • In-Game Item Wrong Insertion

    Club Audition M posts notices through our official channels such as the Facebook Page if there is an instance of wrong item insertion. Players also need to report if they notice a wrong insertion to the official Club Audition M staff immediately. Players who will claim wrong rewards and abuse it instead of reporting it to the authorities will be penalized.
  • Disruption of our services through the exploitation of flaws or bugs to interrupt our services.

The blatant abuse and misuse of in-game bugs that result in the disruption of gameplay, performance and affect fellow players and Club Audition M staff will be met with the appropriate penalty.

  • Use of mechanics which were not intended by the game developer.

*Players proven to abuse in-game bugs and glitches will be sanctioned accordingly (e.g. Hack, Top-up Glitch, Bugs with upcoming features). This may result to in-game account suspension or settling payments.

If there is a noticed bug available in-game or exploitation of Club Audition M services, players must report the matter to the Club Audition M staff immediately to prevent further abuse and the resulting penalties affecting multiple users.

III. Account Hacking

  • Account hacking is defined as the accessing of a game account without specific permission from the owner and/or without the owner’s knowledge. account hacking includes the following, but are not limited to those listed:
  • Attempting to obtain or obtaining passwords or private account information from another user,
  • Accessing another user’s game account without explicit permission from the owner, or
  • Logging in your account to another user’s device.

    Please be reminded of the following:
  • PlayPark will not be liable for the loss of items, Rubies, and Couple Hearts, and Heart coins or any game progress due to hacking.
  • Please safeguard your own account and your personal details. 
  • Do not share your account to others it will cause your account to be vulnerable to hackers
  • A game account is the owner’s responsibility.


III. In-Game Names

  • The following details violations and unacceptable actions with regards to a player’s in-game name, character name, or their established FAM or CLUB.
  • A Nickname that impersonates any Club Audition Staff

Adding the words GM/VJ, CM, MOD, or MODERATOR on in-game names, which may confuse other players to think that these are also official Game Masters of the game. Using an official Club Audition M staff’s name or likeness may be considered an attempt to defraud fellow gamers.

  • Inappropriate Nickname

Vulgar/Profound – Names that are explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, discriminatory, racially or ethnically offensive, or those that go against common decency

  • Inappropriate FAM Name

Vulgar/Profound – FAM or CLUB Names that are explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, discriminatory, racially or ethnically offensive, or those that go against common decency.

  1. Harassment
  • Harassment pertains to the Use of Profanity or Obscenities in any means inside and outside the game, in any official Club Audition M channel, in any Social Media pages (Official or Unofficial), in offline and in online executions conducted by Club Audition M, PlayPark and its affiliates towards another person or player, or a group of persons or players, Club Audition M and PlayPark official staff and their affiliates.
  • Users are prohibited to use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, discriminatory, racially or ethnically offensive language.
  • Users are prohibited to post or link to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content.


IV.A Harassing or Defaming users or PlayPark Employees 

  • Harassment, by definition, persistent, disallowed actions against another person, is strictly prohibited. Anything that imposes on another person’s natural rights is not allowed. Players are prohibited from disrupting operations, supervising the Club Audition M Staff or making threatening remarks, using inappropriate words, insulting, harassing, creating obstacles for Club Audition Teams during their operations or intentionally deceiving them by using fake information to obtain any benefits, including the intent to do so in any case.

    Do not use disrespectful or profanity in talks and do not speak or declare messages or postings which are disturbing to others, such as typing the original text. repeatedly, many times.


IV.B Racial/Religion/Nationality Harassment

Harassing or saying inappropriate words towards others that attack, offend or belittle their Race, Religion or Nationality.

Do not promote or incite division in society and in terms of delicacy and social vulnerability. religion, politics, dynasty, or third-party references.


IV.C Making Real-Life Threats 

  • Threats in any form, even in jest, are not allowed and will be treated seriously. Statements and/or actions that declare the intent or the desire to cause harm to a person or group of persons including but not limited to fellow players, Club Audition M or PlayPark staff and their affiliates will be met with the appropriate action as deemed by the Game Policy and the governing law or public ordinance.


IV.D Club Audition Staff Impersonation

  • Pretending to be a PlayPark Employee or Club Audition Staff in order to extract personal information, game items, or in-game cash from another player or to do any form of harm is considered a form of scamming and will not be tolerated by game management.


IV.E Stalking or invasion of privacy rights of another user.

  • Any act of stalking or the invasion or violation of any person’s privacy rights using or through Club Audition M and/or PlayPark’s official game, official channels and events both offline or online is considered a violation.


IV.F Threatening to hack another user.

  • The threat or declaration of intent to execute a hack on another player or official Club Audition M or PlayPark staff is considered a violation and will be dealt with accordingly.


IV.G Framed Accusations/Forceful Sanction Requests

  • Any player who is proven to be forcing or threatening the Club Audition M or PlayPark staff to sanction another player or players according to their personal discernment will receive punishments based on the gravity of the situation and the intent. Personal grievances acted upon using in-game or game-related punishment will not be tolerated by the official staff.
  1. Illegal Trading’s or Dealings 


V.A Illegal Trading and Dealings (known as Real-Money Trading or RMT)

Users are prohibited to advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, trading, selling, pilot services, sharing or transferring access of accounts, in-game cash, or any other game-related feature to another Club Audition M account or player through transactions involving the use of real money or items considered as money or currency.

V.B Advertising non-PlayPark Products

Users are not allowed to market, promote, advertise, or solicit within the Club Audition M game or its official channels, social media, and groups any product that is not related to the game.

The use of PlayPark Products or services for illegal activities is not allowed All PlayPark Products and services are strictly to be used for legal activities only.

V.C Claiming False Reward

Players who claim REWARDS or ACCOLADES falsely are considered in violation of the Game Policy. Please do note that any unclaimed reward claimants should report directly to the PlayPark customer service team using E-Support for further investigations. The time frame for reporting of delay/lost item reward is within 7 days after the item insertion. Late reports will not be entertained.

  1. Refund Policy
  • Games and products are eligible for a refund within 24 hours of purchase. However, users must have less than an hour of runtime on record. Products that include rubies, special packages, or other consumables products.
  • You will not be eligible for refunds for games or products from which you have been banned or for which you have otherwise violated the terms of service. 

In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if PlayPark determines that you are abusing the refund policy. You can request a refund to Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore


VI.A How will I get my refund?
By default, purchases will be refunded to the payment method used to make the purchase, but this may not always be possible depending on the payment method. The user and PlayPark may also agree that the refund be issued by an alternative method. Please note the amount of time for the refund to process is dependent on the payment method.

– PlayPark and Club Audition M will check payment history and continuously monitor any refunds with due diligence.
– Below are sanctions and notices carried out when to violations of the Game Policy

The policy exists so you can purchase with comfort and make sure you only spend on the items you want to pay for and play.

VII. Others

Any type of act or behavior deemed inappropriate by PlayPark will be considered a violation. Users may not violate any local, state, national or international laws and regulations through or involving the game, PlayPark, its staff, and affiliates.

Any other action that is similar to the above but not mentioned will still be held according to the Club Audition M Rules and Policies. This set of rules may be modified at any time according to the Club Audition M Team’s discretion, but with proper notification of the changes through the Club Audition M official website, social media, groups, and forums.

*The Club Audition M Team’s decision on any case is final. 


All offense reports will be reviewed by the Club Audition M Team. Offenses have varying degrees of severity, will be up to the Club Audition M Team to review and to administer its corresponding punishment based on the provided evidence and details of the case. The severity of each case will be categorized as follows;

I. General Misconducts

Cursing, swearing, or use of foul language

Offensive/vulgar character and Fam Names


Defaming a Game Moderator/Community Manager/ GM/VJ/Host

Attempting to deceive any PlayPark Personnel

Misuse of the Official/Unofficial Club Audition M social media, groups, and forums

Inappropriate advertising

Circulating false information

Reporting false incidents

Illegal Trading or Cash Transactions

Account theft or hacking


2. General Fraud

Impersonating a Game Moderator

Impersonating any Playpark Inc. Personnel

Attempting to deceive a Game Moderator

Attempting to deceive any Playpark Inc. Personnel

General Attempt to Defraud

Use or Distribution of Hack/Hacking Programs

Deliberate Abuse of Game Bugs and Dummy Exploits/Game Exploits

Account Theft or Hacking


Also, be reminded that PlayPark reserves the right to evaluate every incident on a case-to-case basis; meaning, actions taken in one case may differ from those previously taken with other cases of similar nature.

Important Reminders regarding Violations and Penalties

  1. All penalties listed above are arranged into standards dependent on the general nature of each offense but are subject to any adjustment as deemed necessary by the CAM Team.
  2. All violations are validated through the actual observation of PlayPark or Club Audition M official staff. PlayPark has no obligation to present evidence related to any case it has ruled upon.
  3. All penalties listed above can be issued on a per-instance basis, resulting in an accumulation of a minimum penalty range or an automatic maximum penalty range, depending on the number of violations committed. The choice of recourse in such cases is entirely at the discretion of PlayPark.




  1. Naming Policy / No Name Change Policy

The use of profanity or abusive words or phrases, or anything remotely suggesting such, in any language or dialect, is strictly prohibited in the creation of Character Names or FAM Names. Players deemed to have violated this policy are subject to sanctions and may have their Character Name or FAM Name changed or banned without prior notice. FAMs that are disbanded due to violating this policy will not be eligible for compensation.

  1. Harassment Policy 

Players in the game are free to choose who they want to communicate and socialize with (with the possible exception of Club Audition M staff and other PlayPark staff, but only in their official capacity). A player may cease communications with another character for his/her reasons. If that persistent character insists on sending messages, whether private or public, towards that person who does not want to continue communication, even with a clear warning that he/she does not wish to communicate anymore, then the offended character may report it as a case of harassment, submitting screenshots and relevant evidence.

  1. Scamming Policy 

The CAM Team will not be responsible for any loss of rubies or items due to scams, unfair trades, or illegal trading (real-money trading) which are not a result of an in-game bug or exploit.

  1. Evidence Policy

The only evidence that is not modified in any manner and shows the incident clearly can be applied in case processing. Screenshots may suffice for any chat or verbal offenses. With regard to complicated offenses,  videos and similar evidence would have to be provided. Players may use file hosting services such as Mediafire or Fileden to upload videos and similar evidence.

*Note: Screenshots must be submitted in .jpg format. Any and all evidence must have at least High image quality.

The name of the offender must be clearly seen, and the screenshot or video must display the offender in action.


Definition of Terms:

RMT – Real Money Trading

NPC – Non-player Character; these are entities in-game that are not controlled by the other player or any PlayPark Staffs.

CAM – Club Audition M


Here are the official websites of Club Audition M and PlayPark:


Duties of the player

  •   The player needs to immediately report any game issues and errors encountered to the Club Audition M team or in the support section in the forums or official channels. The players are not allowed to pass this information to other players through any means in order to avoid the abuse of such bugs or errors.
  •   The players are required to read and understand the guidelines, conditions, and follow policies that govern the game in order to have a balanced and orderly game community. If they fail to fully understand the policies, then they shall be held fully responsible to any consequences that may happen.


Submissions Policy

Any and all materials submitted to Club Audition M or PlayPark through any and all possible means shall become the sole property of the company. PlayPark shall own exclusive rights, including all forms of intellectual property rights, to submitted material and shall have unrestricted use of these for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, without any acknowledgment or any form of compensation to their original creators.


*Sanctions shall only be given provided that there has been enough evidence to merit punishment. Sanctions can be changed upon management discretion. Should there be any mistake in handing sanctions; players are allowed to make an appeal for their defense.

The Club Audition M team reserves the right in all such cases and the Club Audition M team’s decision is final. Agreements are changeable without prior notice.