On-Ground Event: PlayPark All-Stars 2024

Mar 26, 2024 | Events


Event Details:


What to Bring at PPAS 2024?

1. Face Mask – Wear it at all times. Wearing a Face Shield is up to you.
2. Alcohol or Sanitizer – Bring your personal stock of sanitation tools. There will be sanitation areas at the venue for your added safety.
3. The PlayPark GMs and booth staff will be available to help you participate in onsite activities; however, their knowledge may be limited when it comes to addressing game-related issues or account concerns.


I. Tournament  

Everyone can participate without needing to avail themselves of the Early Bird or Door Prize options. Join us and unleash your gaming potential!

This set of rules is designed to ensure that the tournament is conducted in a fair and professional manner, with all participants on an equal footing. It is important that all players abide by these rules, as failure to do so may result in disqualification.

1. Accessories such as bags/wings must be removed during the game to ensure fairness.
2. All participants must use the basic/default Audition Avatars (including Face).
3. The map used during the tournament will be Hip Hop Street, and players must keep the map turned on to avoid any unfair advantage.
4. All players must use the default Mobile specifications to ensure an equal playing field. Players are allowed to use their personal devices such mobile/headset during the tournament. Mobile allocation priorities will be provided to players not using their own personal devices.
5. Any tampered or modified of Club Audition M APK and OBB is strictly prohibited to ensure fair and equal gameplay for all.
6. In the event of peripheral issues, players should alert the event marshals immediately. However, the game should not stop playing until a decision has been made and announced in the game chat.
7. In the event of abnormalities in the mobile that affect gameplay, players should inform the event marshals via in-game chat. Re-match requests will not be entertained once the game has ended unless there is a global lag.
8. Potential rematches for legitimate disconnections will be on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed. The decision will be based on any potential foul play, as well as the score at the point of disconnection and the estimated projected score towards the end of the game.
9. Intentional disconnections such as Mobile Home Button will result in a 0 score for that round.
10. Participants must adhere to the Game Policies of Club Audition M throughout the tournament, and failure to do so will result in disqualification from the tournament and potential future tournaments. Should there be any participant’s account be suspended during the tournament period, the player will be automatically disqualified. Club Audition M Game policy can be found here.
11. Event Marshals have the full authority to issue warnings or disqualify any players caught breaching the rules above.




1v1 Tournament:

Number of rounds: Best of 3
Mode: Classic
Keys: 2 Keys
Chance Level: None
Music: Random (120BPM)

Semi Finals
Number of rounds: Best of 3
Mode: Classic
Keys: 2 Keys (easy)
Chance Level: None
Music: Random (120BPM)

Number of rounds: Best of 5
Mode: Classic
Keys: 4 Keys (hard)
Chance Level: None
Music: Random (120-140BPM)



₱2,000 Cash
Indefinite Champion Set

1st Runner Up:
30 Days Durational Champion Set


Champion Set – Male and Female


II. Free Accessory

  • Indefinite Big White Magnifying Glass Hand Accessory will be given to all PPAS 2024 Cavite attendees for FREE.

III. Early Bird

  • The Early Bird registration is limited to the first 30 participants only.
  • A registration fee of P1000 is required if you wish to avail both Early Bird and Door Prize Set.

Pporong Cutie Face

Simple Girl Neat StyleFemale

Simple Guy Neat StyleMale


Glittering Glass Unicorn – Riding


IV. Door Prize

  • Participants who register after the first 30 will still be eligible for the Door Prize.
  • A registration fee of P500 is required if you wish to avail the Door Prize.

Gray ish Two-Tone Off-Shoulder Style – Female

Diagonal Point Shirt Style – Male


V. Roulette Event

  • Top-up and convert 102 Rubies via PlayMall during the on-ground event to receive 1 free spin and unlock amazing rewards!
  • For every top-up and convert, is equivalent to 1 spin.
  • Top-up and convert purchases should be made between 06:00 until the end of the event duration (GMT+8).
  • Note: PlayMall top-up and convert that have already been used in the Lucky Roulette on-site cannot be used in GM Item Pick anymore.


VI. VJ Item Pick

  • Top up and convert Rubies via Item Shop during the event duration.
  • Click here for the Redemption Site for iPhone users.
  • Note: PlayMall top-up and convert that have already been used in the Lucky Roulette on-site cannot be used in GM Item Pick anymore.
  • Note: Insertion of items will be 7-14 working days.



VII. FAM Rally (Makati, Cebu and Davao only)

  • FAM members will need to take a group photo together on the day itself at the Audition Booth or PlayPark All-Stars 2024 event area. Please try to gather all your members who are present on-site for the group photo. However, it will not be mandatory to have all FAM members who have attended the event in the group photo.
  • Group photos must be publicly posted on the Facebook Page with the hashtags #ClubAuditionM #PlayparkAllStars2024 #AuditionFAMRally. The FAM with the highest number of attendees on-site will be declared the winner of the FAM Rally.


₱5,000 Cash


VIII. Selfie Event

  • Take a selfie at the venue.
  • Post your selfie on your FB or IG with the hashtags: #ClubAuditionM #PlayparkAllStars2024
  • Your post MUST be Public.
  • Submission of entries will be closed 2 days after each event location.
  • The most shared and most liked entries will win Early Bird Vouchers.
  • Remember, using bots for likes and shares will result in disqualification, so keep it fair and square!



Join our Official Groups:

PH Group: https://bit.ly/CAMOfficialGroups
SG/MY Group: https://bit.ly/SGMYOfficialGroups
Discord: discord.gg/7RfDug3
Instagram: bit.ly/CAM-IG
TikTok: bit.ly/CAM-TikTok


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