Stardom Hall: Couple of the Month – December 2023

Dec 12, 2023 | Events



Witness the synergy of love and rhythm as we spotlight this remarkable duo. Their synchronized moves and shared passion for dance define a virtual partnership that’s truly inspiring. Let their chemistry set the stage ablaze and celebrate the power of dance as a shared journey. ♡(◕ᗜ◕✿)


How long have you been playing Club Audition Mobile?

“Jem and Burelee, plays since the release of Club Audition Mobile in our respective servers, SEA and LATAM, we are pioneer players. However, when LATAM server closed, Burelee transferred here at SEA server.”


Who is most likely to win playing Club Audition Mobile?

“Depending on game mode, both have different strengths in playing. Burelee is a lot stronger in Beat Up. Jem is good at Bubble Pang, but Burelee is consistent with Last Pang. Burelee is stronger in chains, but Jem is stronger with keys in Classic.”



Who is most likely to play video games all day?

“Burelee, true gamer girl. Jem is only a casual gamer.


Who is most likely to start dancing first?

“Burelee, a good dancer, likes various Kpop songs, and imitates their steps.”



Who has better taste in music?

“Both have a different taste in music. Burelee likes Latino and Kpop&Audi songs, while Jem likes OPM and some Kpop/Audi songs.”


Who has better taste in Fashion?

“Burelee is definitely a Fashionista, better in picking clothes in the game, while Jem only picks the best terno with her outfit.”



Share your LOVE story.

“Jem became inactive for many months, but when Jem came back, only to check on new things and don’t really intended to become active again, he saw a new member in the fam, Burelee, who is looking for someone to play with. Jem knew that Burelee is of different species (I mean nationality ????), so Jem messaged on group chat, ‘Ola Dora’, but she said, ‘It’s Hola’. Jem replied, ‘Ohh. Hola Dora’. Jem immediately became interested in her, and making him be noticed by competing with her in tournaments. Both know that they could be rivals in the game, and that made us more closer together. Playing and helping each other in Battle parties, tournaments, until Jem asked her if she wants to become a couple, and she said “Yes.”

And that’s the story how Jem became active again in CAM, both playing and enjoying the game. And as time pass by, we got to know each other, making us more closer, like best friends, we exchange stories, not only with us, but with all of our fam members, even if we are so far away with each other, even though we are with different nationalities. Language is not a barrier, as long as we can understand each other.”





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