Stardom Hall: Couple of the Month – March 2024

Mar 23, 2024 | Events


Step into the spotlight with this dynamic duo, where love and dance collide. Their synchronized moves and shared passion illuminate the virtual stage. Join us in celebrating their magnetic chemistry and the beauty of dance as a shared journey. ♡(◕ᗜ◕✿)



How long have you been playing Club Audition Mobile?

“Since 2021.”


Who is most likely to win playing Club Audition Mobile?

“With Classic mode, its Cadee. For Bubble Pang and Beatup, Crede. For Dance Battle, both.”



Who is most likely to play video games all day?



Who is most likely to start dancing first?




Who has better taste in music?



Who has better taste in Fashion?

“Cadee, always suggests what couple attire to wear.”



Share your LOVE story.

“I just decided to join, so Cadee will be surprised to receive the couple set reward, and at the same time, to appreciate our Gladiol ring journey for 2 years.

We started getting to know each other when we were active playing Fam Batt Party. Cadee is always online, and if the fam couldn’t complete 1 room, she spends her time playing in the dancing hall and looking for a friendly couple. That’s when fam members suggested my name since I am lowkey looking but shy to find a friendly couple who’s always active.

Through countless LM, Boostings, and many battle party games, we got to know each other more—our shared interests in gaming from ANL to CAM SEA and our hobbies. We instantly clicked, fell in love, and the rest is history. That’s when the time we decided to live together. Now, after 2 years together and hitting Gladiol just before the new ring update, we couldn’t be happier.

To Cadee, thank you so much for being patient with our relationship and for all the lessons learned. Here’s to many more years!”





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