Club Audition M FAQ

1. What is Club Audition M?

Club Audition M is a musical game where players are able to customize their avatars and participate in a variety of dancing modes, matching their moves virtually to the music beat.

Go on a solo dancing journey in Story Mode, gather a party to take on special Bosses in the Battle Party Mode, or form a Fam together and take on Fam Battles to rule the roost – there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Club Audition M right at your fingertips!

2. Minimum device requirements and why its important.

For Android:
At least 3GB RAM
At least 2GB Minimum Storage Space
Quad Core Processor and above
Android 8 and above

For iOS:
iPhone 6 and above
iOS 10 and above

3. What is the Club Audition VIP System?

The VIP System grants players extra benefits in the game, such as additional slots, bonus discounts on purchases as well as cool exclusive costumes!

Only Rubies purchased from the store will contribute to the VIP level accumulation (Bonus/Free Rubies don’t count!)

4. How to report bugs encountered in-game?

In-game > Support > Submit Ticket

Alternatively if you are unable to access your game, you can submit your ticket here:

5. What the durational category for costumes?

The following Shop item categories are available with the following duration:

– Pets & DJ Booth: 7, 30 & 90 Days
– All Other Categories: 7, 30Days & Unlimited (Permanent)

6. How to redeem coupons for iOS devices?

a) Head over to the redemption site at
b) Select “Club Audition M” and log into your account
c) Enter your coupon code
d) Head into the game and redeem your item

7. Where to join Club Audition M’s Community Pages

– Club Audition M SGMY Community Page:
– Club Audition M PH Community Page:
– Club Audition M Discord Invite:

For other enquiries, you may submit to: