Patch Notes 032124 – March to the Beach!

Mar 21, 2024 | Notice

Hooray, Clubbers! It’s time for a wave of fresh new contents! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶



Here’s everything you need to know for this week’s patch update! ≧ω≦



FAM Battle Entry:



FAM Battle Menu:



  1. General area: Refers to the area location where FAM competitions are possible.
  2. Hero area: Refers to an area designated for fam matches.
  3. Refresh: Each regional occupation status and recommendations are updated when the button is tapped.
  4. Regional Recommendations: FAM Masters can recommend areas for occupation to members.
  5. Number of Possible Proceedings: The number of times you can participate in the Fam competition on the same day is displayed.
  6. Participation Status: Tapping the button displays a pop-up of the each one’s participation status in the FAM competition.
  7. Compensation Information: Tapping the button displays a pop-up of compensation information that can be obtained from the FAM competition.


Compensation Information:



  • Compensation is awarded based on the number of areas occupied by each fam.
  • The compensation range is set from a maximum of 34 (if all 17 areas are designated as heroes) to a minimum of zero areas.
  • Members who did not participate in the FAM competition are ineligible for compensation.
  • Whenever a compensation information pop-up is displayed, the “My FAM Status” is updated.


Opponent Match Making:


  • For user avatars, any two members from the user’s FAM will be selected as team members.
  • Players who have joined on the same day will not be selected as team members.
  • Players who have withdrawn by touching the play button will not be selected as a team member.
  • For Opponent Team Avatar, three users of the FAM occupying the area will be randomly selected.
  • In the case of the occupied farm, two users of the second-ranked farm will be randomly selected.





  • The gauge moves left and right based on the particle according to the percentage.
  • If you successfully input the “Chaebo,” the number of stars you enter is displayed and moved to the particle part of the gauge.
  • The user with the highest score receives 1 point, and the gauge changes according to the percentage.


NPC Hero:



  • Depending on the probability, a hero is selected instead of a matched number of people (including individual users).
  • Crown options are determined by the probability of each matching user. It may be the Blue Hero, Pink Hero, Green Hero, Perfume Hero, or Gold Hero. These are set according to the crown level.






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