Heya Clubbers!

Cursed of Ruby for the month of January is here! 😶‍🌫️😱

Eligibility: All Clubbers!

Promo runs: January 19 to January 22, 2022

Promo Mechanics:

  • A total amount of purchase and gifting in the Shop (Avatar Shop, Item Shop, and Decoration), Premium Store (Den, Energy and Hear Coins), Surprise Shop, Magic Card, and Dating will be counted during the event period.
  • Please be reminded of the new Game Policy which was stated that “Users are prohibited to advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, trading, selling, sharing or transferring access of accounts, in-game cash or any other game-related feature to all Club Audition M account or player through transactions involving the use of real money.”Note:
    PlayPark and Club Audition M will check payment history and continuously monitor any refunds with due diligence.
    – Sanctions and notices carried out when to violations of the Game Policy
    The policy exists so you can purchase with comfort and make sure you only spend on the items you want to pay for and play.


During the event PERIOD, the cumulative consumption of Real Rubies can be awarded the following corresponding rewards.

Players need to consume Real Rubies and will get the following rewards:

99 – 498 Real Rubies cumulative consumption = get FREE 30 Days Hot and Crispy Chicken Chicken

499 – 998 Real Rubies  cumulative consumption = get FREE 90 Days Hot and Crispy Chicken Chicken

999 –  and above Real Rubies  cumulative consumption = get FREE Permanent Hot and Crispy Chicken Chicken

For players who have reached the goal of consuming Real Rubies will have Hand Accessory during the event


1. In-game Real Rubies can be purchased through iOS/Android and PlayMall. Bonus rubies usage will not be counted.
2. Top-Up cannot be refunded, replaced, resold, please confirm before purchasing.

Please note that purchasing each tier won’t stack the duration of the accessory.


  • When you spend 497 Rubies, you will only get 30 Days Hot and Crispy Chicken Chicken
  • When you Spend 2,000 Rubies, you will get Permanent Hot and Crispy Chicken Chicken