Clubbers, let’s make the Month of March more HOTTER! New updates of your favorite game, Club Audition M will make in-game dance floor on FIRE. Check out Audition Roulette Event is here to make your dancing much more fun!

Activity Details:
1. During the activity period, players can collect up to 10 bear tickets to randomly receive rewards once.
2. players will be able to obtain a conditional “bear ticket” in the table below.



No. Tickets to be received

Play Dance Battle 1 card
Play Bubble Pang 1 card
Play Couple Dance 1 card
Play Camp Battle 1 card
Play Club Dance 1 cards
Play Score Battle 1 card






3. Players can use the ‘’Bear Ticket” to rotate the reels by clicking the Event Roulette button on the main menu.



4. When the reels are rotated to the number specified by the activity, Players will receive Jewelry ticket rewards
*Jewelry Ticket conditions are calculated based on % based on the total number of rounds rotated by the player. In-game impressions may be erroneous in some cases

5. Once a player has already received a prize, the prize will be removed from the list of prizes
(which means that players can claim all prizes within the event without luck)

6. At the end of the event period, all “Bear tickets” held by the player become 0

7. Club Audition M team reserves the right to change the details without prior notice.

CAM and join the party in Club Audition M!
Happy Dancing!

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