Hey Clubbers!

Club Audition Mobile offers extravaganza 20% off the Luxury costumes on the store…!! This is a golden opportunity not to be missed! Don’t hesitate clubbers and go fill your closet with these luxury goodies !! This Luxurious Sale runs from January 25th – January 28th, 2023!!

Event Duration


Starting Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 2000hrs to Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 2359hrs


Event Details



1. During the event period, all luxury costumes on Club Audition Mobile in the store will be discounted by 20%
2. Other items such as pets and decorations will not participate in the promotion
3. 35%
4. Coupon discount will be compounded from the discount from this promotion, i.e. if there is a 20% Coupon discount, the player will get the total discount.
Gift submissions will be discounted from this promotion but will not be discounted by VIP
5. The team’s decision is final
6. The team reserves the right to edit the details of the activity. Without prior notice.