Heya Clubbers!

Welcome to our new patch update! The Pet Renewal update!

1. PET Renewal Introduction.

  • PET renewal is an additional system for a user to earn bonus points from the previous PET system.
  • Every pet will have a buff bonus that a user can earn more points in the game.
  • There are five categories for bonus points: EXP, DEN, BP, SP, and CP.


2. Change in Game Contents for PET Renewal.

  • When equipping a renewed pet, there will be different bonus systems for playing different contents in the game.
  • However, EXP and DEN bonus point information will be fixed for displaying.

2.1 Story Mode.

< Story Mode Features that bonus from Pet Renewal apply >

  1. Bonus points will apply when a user plays Story mode with a renewed pet equipped
  2. Play story mode directly and use instant ticket will have the same bonus points feature.
  • When play story mode, EXP, DEN, and SP can have additional bonus points from a renewed pet.
  • Only the designated bonus buffs will be applied based on renewal pet.

( 1 ) Story Mode – Before Starting.

< Renewal Pet in Story Mode Play Screen >


  1. When a user tries to play Story Mode with renewed pet equipped, 3D pet will appear next to the character.
  2. Unlike previous pet, renewed pet will display dynamic movement in waiting room.
  • During the play in Story, the renewed pet will not appear, like previous pet system.

( 2 ) Story Mode – Result Screen.

< Result screen in Story Mode >


  1. According to a renewed pet’s buff system, additional bonus points will be earned after the story mode ends.
  2. Normal and Auto Play will have a bonus point in the same way.
  • Bonus points will appear as a score(+ bonus points) in the result screen.

< Bonus Points based on Renewed Pet’s buff >


  1. Depending on Renewal Pet’s Buff, bonus points will vary even if playing the same content.


( 3 ) Use Instant Ticket.

  • Use instant tickets to play Story Mode with a renewal pet equipped, the bonus stamp icon will appear on the top right corner of the result screen.
  • Cumulative bonus points from the number of stages cleared with instant tickets will appear on the result screen.


< Result Screen after selecting ALL stage>

< Result Screen after selecting specific stage>

1.1  Event Story Mode.

< Event Story Mode Features that bonus from Pet Renewal apply >

  1. Same as Story Mode, EXP, DEN, and SP bonus will apply to Event Story.
  2. Even if friends/supporters with renewal pet equipped are selected for support, their bonus points will not apply.

< Win Event Story with Renewal Pet >

1.1ARENA. (Dancing Hall)

< Dancing Hall Waiting Room >

  1. 3D modeling pet will appear in Dancing hall after Pet renewal.
  2. In Dancing Hall, BP and CP bonus points can be additionally earned.
  • Some modes in Dancing hall cannot be earned a certain type of bonus points
    1. When play Battle Party mode, DEN bonus will be excluded.
    2. When play Couple Battle Party mode, CP bonus will be excluded.
      • However, if a couple partner has a renewal pet, which gives CP bonus, equipped, CP bonus will apply.

( 2 ) Dancing Hall – Result Screen.

< Pet Bonus Icon Activating on Dancing Hall Result Screen >


  1. After finishing playing in Dancing Hall, Pet Bonus icon will be activated in the bottom left corner
  2. If a bonus point is earned by Pet bonus, the icon will be activated.
  • If there is no pet bonus, or equipping a pet that is not renewed, the icon will be deactivated.


 Activation Status Based on Pet Bonus.



< PET Bonus Activated >                   < PET Bonus Deactivated >

1.2 Magic Card Gacha.

  1. After Pet Renewal, renewed pet cannot be earned from Magic Card Gacha.
  2. Pets with bonus buffs, such as DEN, BP, SP, and CP cannot be earned from Magic Card as well.
  • Previous pets that are not renewed can be normally earned from Magic Card Gacha.


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