Heya Clubbers!

Top up and convert rubies on PlayMall to receive an extraordinary 9.9 Super Party items this coming monsoon month of 2022! What are you waiting for? 💃🕺 let’s all be hearty at this dance 9.9 Dance Party! 🎵🎶 

(。◕‿◕。) Duration of the event: September 9, 2022, 00:00 AM to 11:59 PM (GMT+8) 🕛

  • Simply top up your account and convert your ruby through PlayMall (https://playmall.playpark.com/Login.aspx).
  • The amount of rubies you recharge should be specific to each tier so that you would be eligible for the rewards listed under each tier.
  • You will not get the listed rewards under each tier if you recharge any other amount of rubies.
  • You will also not be eligible for rewards if you try to recharge a different amount of ruby and accumulate them to reach a certain tier.
  • For example: If you recharge 9,999 rubies, you will not be eligible for rewards. You should recharge 1080 rubies only for tier 1 rewards, recharge 2,203 rubies only for tier 2 rewards, recharge 5,664 rubies only for tier 3 rewards.

Tier 1 Recharge 1,080 Rubies – Exclusive for PlayMall

You can buy 3 times and get

25 Jewel Tickets
400,000 DEN
300 Energy
30 Instant Finish
30 Days Green Dolphin Across the Plains (not Stackable)

Tier 2 Recharge 2,203 Rubies – Exclusive for PlayMall

You can buy 3 times and get
35 Jewel Tickets
1,999,999 DEN

999 Energy
999 Instant Finish
Indefinite Green Dolphin Across the Plains (not Stackable)


( Apple Appstore and Google Playstore)


Tier 1 Recharge 999 Rubies –

30 Days Green Dolphin Across the Plains (not Stackable)

Tier 2 Recharge 1,999 Rubies –

Indefinite  Green Dolphin Across the Plains (not Stackable)

Click the Apple ID users google form: Apple and Google Purchase 9.9 Promo


  • For Apple and Google store purchases only!
  • Ruby purchase only! Special Package purchase not included!~

1. Only players who fill in this form with their top-up details will be counted for the promo.
2. Apple and Google store purchase must submit their purchase receipt with transaction #.

The items purchased and rewards received by the players who will refund their purchase will be removed from their accounts and their accounts will also be suspended for 14 days.

Please provide your Telegram for purchase, additional info needed, and do not change your Nickname during event duration until rewards insertions.

The x5/x3 promotion is only for the consumable bonus items and does not apply to the durational or permanent items.
Insertion: 7 – 14 working days after event duration.
Apple users should submit the receipt with transaction #

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Take care and dance responsibly! 💃🕺