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Meet our CAM Star of the Month of May, Tulip!

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Please Introduce yourself 

Hi~ I’m a nursing student from Cebu, and I’ve been playing for over a year now. If you play classic, you might recognize me better with my former IGN, Tonic. I don’t interact much on the CAM forum pages, but I thought I’d give it a shot this time! Beyond CAM, I’m a former thespian and director, a practicing karateka, and a wannabe artist. I dabble in painting and sculpting, and I very confidently belt out the wrong lyrics to all of Adele’s songs in the shower. Instead of doing my assigned work, I am currently procrastinating by writing this introduction (sorry prof)


Where did you know CAM? 


I used to play Audi during the beta era with my siblings. My sister saw an ad for the mobile ver at the start of the pandemic and urged me to download it. She no longer plays, but I still do!


What do you like in CAM?


I love its social features! Audi has always been about community, which is what I found during a time of distancing. I’m grateful for all the people I can call my family after having met them through fambats, FC searching (hi Kiv, ikaw lang naman HAHA), and battle parties. Even during times when I get busy irl, they check up on me and give me advice! (special thanks to doc Espina sa pagtulong sa diagnosis galore)


Which game mode do you usually play? 


I love classic. Especially with fast songs! I admit during the first few seasons, I didn’t get to meet that many people because very few people play this awful combination. I just happen to find it very remniscient of the PC version that I used to play when I was younger.


Tell us your likes and dislikes.

I like sweets, especially cakes. I love animals; be it dog, cat, snake, or hedgehog! I find them cute. I don’t mind spiders, but if I ever see a cockroach, I am not staying anywhere near that room. I love the color pink, which is the color I usually dress my character in! I also love how when I’m wearing a certain outfit and someone in the gameroom has it saved, everyone ends up coordinating – so cute!!! Srsly mahal ko kayo ang cute tingnan ng mga screenshot.

Are you Single?


Where can we follow you?

Feel free to add Ellie Val on fb! Di ko e aaccept, pero di ko kayo binabawalan mag send ng friend request! (▱˘◡˘▱)っ ♡


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