VJ Playtime: Newbie Dance Duel – Easy Beat Extravaganza!

Apr 12, 2024 | Updates


Hi Clubbers! ( ノ ^o^)ノ


Get ready to groove, newbie players! Join the ultimate dance-off with VJ and unlock amazing rewards in our Easy Beat Extravaganza! Let’s light up the dance floor together!



Schedule: Every Friday
Time: 16:00-16:30 (GMT+8)
Eligibility: Level 1 Newbie to Level 30 Superstar

Game mode: Dance Battle
Difficulty: Easy
Keys: 2 Keys
BPM: Under 100
Chance: Off
Grade: Off

– The VJ will announce the event in-game and create it with no password.
– The first five (5) players to enter the room will be the participants.
– 5 rounds will be conducted during the event.
– After each round, the team with the Highest score wins.
– Clubbers may only win once per event per day.

50,000 Den
5 Attire Ticket
Nice to meet you, Parrot (7 Days)


CAM and join the party in Club Audition Mobile!



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